It was a little hideaway, a breath of fresh air, a human touch with kindness, freedom to be true to yourself and choose to participate or not. I'm stimulated! I enjoyed exploring parts of myself that I tended not to in the past. There were moments of discomfort, mostly due to my own inhibitions but valuable all the same. Great class! It accesses many levels--the creative, the spiritual, the emotional, as well as an opportunity for connection and insight. Thanks! Motivating, rare! One of a kind! Needs to be more spaces open like this. * * * * * Joseph Patrick Quinn, one participant of Bridget's Creative Expressions classes, was moved to write a poem about his experience: LET US MAKE MUSIC Yes, let us hear music and dance; sing as we can, unconcerned with opinions, especially our own! And paint, carve, write from the heart how it is to see light/dark and all pairs of opposites we're but poles of apart-- yet art and part of how it feels to sense alive in all and all in us inseparate. Our perception sets organ pipes vibrating cold brass alive; all life, because we sense it, singing! Yes, let us make music of what we feel; with what's heard, let's dance! by Joseph Patrick Quinn 6/98” - Comments from participants in Creative Expressions workshops