Currently, as a transformational, creative, musical evolutionary, Bridget brings through healing energies of LoveLightPeaceJoy for The Highest and Best Good.  As a Peace Messenger, her music bridges many dimensions.  As an intuitive, energy healer, she senses blockages, interferences, negative energies, and so much more.  Connecting with her Inter-Galactic, Star-born gifts is a wonder-filled experience and if you feel called to co-create Peace on Earth in these times, know that many Rainbow Warriors are here from the Stars and are assisting to raise the vibrations on Earth, for the healing and transformation we know is occurring with every positive intention, thought, word and deed.  Centering in the Great Heart of Love, following the Cosmic Law of One, we can co-create Peace on Earth!  

Bright Blessings and LoveLightPeaceJoy to the Multi-Verse, let us sing the Many Songs for the Healing of All.


In the past, as a singer/songwriter, Bridget has shared her gifts with a wide variety of audiences.  She asked:  What do you get when you invite Julie Andrews, Joan Baez, Enya, Alison Krauss and Loreena McKennitt over for the evening? Check out Bridget's eclectic variety of spirited musical stylings to find out. Bridget's original music is a delightfully mystical mosaic of earthy folk songs, bluesy Broadway melodies, sensual and sultry torch songs, ambient new age piano solos; light-hearted, comedic songs as well as poignant story/songs to inspire social action. Bridget Wolf is a singer/songwriter who plays piano, keyboards, hand drums and other percussion instruments. Her training in classical music and love of folk, pop, jazz, blues, Broadway and movie theme music infuses her songs and instrumental compositions.

TYPES OF VENUES/EXPERIENCE: As a professional, independent, solo musical artist, Bridget performs her original music as well as standards of popular and sacred music. She has shared her musical gifts in numerous coffeehouses, concert halls, churches and at festivals from coast to coast. She has also performed in Canada and Europe. She collaborates with other musicians and artists on recordings, in concerts, on cable TV and at festivals.

EXAMPLES OF STANDARDS SHE PERFORMS: Standards that she sings include: Imagine, The Rose, Parla Piu Piano (Speak Softly Love, from The Godfather), Ave Maria, Summertime, I Got Rhythm, What A Wonderful World, Over the Rainbow, and many others in several languages. She also plays beautiful piano arrangements of well-loved melodies from around the world including La Vie En Rose, O Sole Mio, Lara's Theme, Edelweiss, Memory (from CATS) as well as songs in many genres.

AS A TEACHER: Bridget teaches private music lessons, teaches songwriting to classes of school children and leads creativity workshops. Her workshop series "Freeing Ourselves: Creative Expressions" has helped participants break free of patterns that were not serving their highest good and purpose.

HER HEALING GIFTS: Her musical and intuitive gifts have led to opportunities to work with individuals to assist them in their healing and transformation. Bridget does private sessions and leads group processes to assist people in overcoming lifelong blocks to health, happiness and abundance on all levels


BACKGROUND AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS including TV and publishing credits: Bridget studied piano and voice from many teachers in the United States, Canada and Rome, Italy. In 1984 she graduated with a BA degree in music performance from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. She performed on Cable TV in New York City on several programs including "The Inquiring Naturalist" and "Music for the Earth." Her "Song of the Rising Sun" has been used as background music on numerous cable TV programs of "BARK for Mt. Hood" in Portland, Oregon. Producer Arthur Aday at invited Bridget to sing and drum on his program Arthur Talks, A Day in Telos 3 at the TV station located at College of The Siskiyous in Weed, California, on Wednesday, May 20. Her music is featured on many You Tube videos including, click on Tree Talk to hear part of Save Our Planet II in the intro and credits. In January 2010 Bridget and her music were featured on two TV programs "Embracing My Gifts" and "Soul of the Songwriter" with producer Nancy Bloom at Rogue Valley Community TV station in Ashland, Oregon. In November 2010, Southern Oregon Songwriters Association selected Bridget as their featured artist for the taping of two half-hour TV shows at Rogue Community TV station in Ashland, Oregon.

PUBLISHING CREDITS: Her song "Healing Time" was published in "Songs for Peace" magazine in New York City. She self-publishes her original music through her publishing company Inside Out Mystical Publishing.  She is a publisher and composer member of ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

AWARD-WINNING SONGS: Three of her songs received international acclaim in the 2009 UK Songwriting Contest in the United Kingdom. Her exquisitely beautiful piano instrumental "I'll Never Forget You" featured on her CD "Earth Song: In Beauty" is a finalist in the Instrumental Category, ranking in the top 2% of 6,000 songs submitted world-wide. Two songs on her second album "Love Transforms" were awarded semi-finalist standing, and placed in top 23% of the 6,000 songs submitted. Her song "Life Is Precious" is a semi-finalist in the Christian/Faith Category, and her song "Let's Make the Difference" is a semi-finalist in the Adult Contemporary Category. In 2010 three of her songs earned semi-finalist ranking in the UK Songwriting Contest: "Oceans and Trees" in the Instrumental category, "Healing Time" in the Adult Contemporary category and "Dive Deep" in the Open category.

COMPOSED OVER 111 SONGS: Bridget has composed over 111 songs on a variety of themes. Songs include: A Happy Birthday Song For You, Creating Heaven on Earth, Do Your Thing, I Love You, Trees; I'm Gonna Keep on Loving You! and Let's Make the Difference. All of Bridget's songs are copyrighted and are in the release process. She is receiving notable recognition, awards and grants with her songwriting skills. She is encouraging new and seasoned artists to contact her so she can work along side them to develop these songs for commercial and spiritual purposes. She has a unique ability to hear the music in her head yet fashion in the style appropriate to the individual artist. Her large repertory is looking to find a home among the stars. All artists are encouraged to contact and share their goals. If your heart is pure, she will help you find a place in the industry with the help of her songs. Bridget incorporates music and the love of the art in all her life activities as minister, healer, writer and dancer.

MUSIC MINISTRY: Ordained in 2008, Bridget serves diverse spiritual communities with her interfaith ministry. She sings songs in many languages from many faith traditions at her concerts for peace. Her expanded view of spirituality has led to adventures into earth-centered traditions, Native American ceremonial traditions, indigenous as well as traditional religions of the world. Bridget is a frequent guest minister at churches that welcome her expanded spiritual heart and vision. With a deep heart felt love and need to spread light and sharing, she has written a book of love poems, several children's books and is writing a book on her journey back to health.