SONGWRITER Bridget Wolf is a Finalist in an International Songwriting Contest in Great Britain!

All three of Bridget Wolf's songs that she entered in the UK Songwriting Contest placed high in the results that were announced Sept. 9, 2009. She was awarded a certificate for her position as Finalist in the Instrumental category for her piano solo "I'll Never Forget You."

Finalist position means that her piano solo ranked in the top 2%. The winners and the finalists of the internationally reknowned UK Songwriting Contest get noticed by acclaimed music celebrities such as Simon Cowell, Sir Paul McCartney and other notable members of the music community.

The contest results letter to Bridget stated: "There were almost 6,000 entries this year and the most popular categories were the Adult Contemporary category, and the Pop, Rock/Indie and Folk/Country categories." Bridget earned semi-finalist recognition for the other two songs she submitted. "Let's Make the Difference" made it to semi-Finalist position in the Adult Contemporary category.

Her song "Life is Precious" made it to semi-finalist position in the Christian/Faith category. Semi-finalist position means these two songs ranked in the top 23%.

Bridget will receive free international copyright registration with The Song Copyright Organization, SCO, for "I'll Never Forget You" and discounts on copyright registration for the other two songs. She receives the exact judges score for each song plus certificates with the details of the song's position and achievements in the contest. She also receives a free six-months Broadjam membership as well as media support.

For more information from the Web site go to http://www.songwritingcontest.co.uk/