Bridget Wolf's songs evoke life, with all its joy and pain, grace and inspiration. But they are mostly about love. They invite us to meditate and to dance. From the moment she takes the stage, we know we are in good hands. We can sit back, relax, and let the music wash over us. Her instrumentals evoke deep emotion. She plays with strength and gentleness at the same time. In the music, water runs over great rocks beneath. Her rhythms twist and turn, rock and sway. At times they halt, just like life does, then move on in a different direction. Then she sings, her voice a throwback to the torch singers of another generation--rich, full, straightforward with a touch of jazz and blues. She uses it to bring a sense of play to her original songs. They're filled with wordplay and instruction. At times they feel like children's songs written for adults, the type we all need. They remind us to respect the earth and ourselves. They invite us to sing along and call to our better selves. Bridget sings and plays with a freedom that frees us as we listen.” - Teresa Williams, Oregon writer