Bridget Wolf's music [on her album "Earth Song: In Beauty"] reminds us of time when we lived as keepers of the land in harmony with "Our Lady," mother nature. Wolf takes us back to a time when we danced with the spirits of plants and animals to welcome the seasons, to exalt in the light of the full moon and to give thanks for the elements from which we came--wind, earth, water and fire. Her phrasing tells of a time when we knew no rhythm so well as our own heartbeat. Wolf's sensual voice resonates with love in a range that expresses not only the maiden's laughter and the woman's confidence in the integrity of her art, it hints as well of her struggle to transcend self and reach beyond death. The fruits of Wolf's spiritual journey are planted in this album. Her message is clear. One is left deeply moved, open to contemplate the direction we are taking if we try to transcend our primitive roots in nature. But lest I give the impression that Wolf's album is only an intellectual treat for New Agers and reviewers like myself who seek more meaning from music than I do from philosophy, I hasten to add that it is a thing of beauty and inspiration. Wolf's self-produced album is a truly joyful offering of heartfelt music. Her poetic confidence, the intensity and modulation of her feelings, her honesty and simplicity, her mastery of mood, her melodic invention are remarkable. And although this album is Wolf's first production, her craftmanship is solid. Her talent is steady and certain. She not only sings and accompanies herself on synthesizer, drums, rattles or piano on every song; she composed and arranged all the pieces on the album. Wolf is a true virtuoso.” - Robert S. Powell

— SOSOS Monthly Journal