Happy Spring to all in the Northern Hemisphere! 

And Bright Blessings to All as we weave our way, with the days getting longer, the trees blossoming, daffodils freely sharing their yellow golden faces that bring such joy! 

I enjoyed a deepening in my connection to my namesake, the Celtic Goddess and Saint, Brigid this year. 

I learned that there was much celebrating in Ireland and around the world, during the 1,500th anniversary of the death of Saint Brigid of Kildare, Ireland.  Stories say that she was born in around 450 A.D. and she possibly knew St. Patrick.  Festivals took place February 1st through 6th in celebration of the wonderful inspiration of Brigid, both Goddess and Saint.  

My first time attending a Celtic event in New York City, I was delighted to learn about Brigid.  To my amazement there were festivals every year in celebration of the qualities of both Goddess and Saint Brigid.  And since I carry many similar attributes, I'm inspired to create special offerings connected to the qualities of inspiration, music, healing, poetry and peacemaking that are themes in the works of the great archetypal women.  

I created a special presentation “Celebrating the Light Returning” that includes songs and stories about Brigid, the Goddess and Saint, for these are special days indeed filled with love, light, peace and joy, in spiritual dimensions that we have access to as well, at all levels.  And we can bring these energies through for ourselves and our world.

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May the Love Light surround and guide us.

I'm inspired to share with you my Heart Songs and instrumental music to assist in your healing process.  My music integrates mind, body and spirit in a wholistic, compassionate, beautiful way.  People have reported feeling more relaxed.  War veterans have been healing PTSD.  People with suicidal ideation are learning to love themselves and find their purpose, and feel good about being alive.  

I'm in a process of deep listening to bring my many gifts and talents out to share with our world.

Remember to take deep breaths, and drink water.  I like to say thank you to the water and food before I drink and eat.  Gratitude is one of my core heart-centered practices.  

Thank you for visiting this website where I am able to share my music with you.  

On January 29, 2021, I let go of my other website www.transformational-music.com

I am a transformational, creative, musical evolutionary!  I bring through healing energies of Love, Light, Peace and Joy for the Highest and Best Good.  As a Peace Messenger, my music bridges many dimensions.  As an intuitive, energy healer, I sense blockages, interferences, negative energies, and so much more.  Connecting with my Inter-Galactic Star-born gifts is a wonder-filled experience, and if you feel called to co-create Peace on Earth in these times, know that many Rainbow Warriors are here from the Stars assisting to raise the vibrations on Earth.  Let us bring Peace on Earth together now. 

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May you find some music here that encourages, inspires and uplifts you through these strange times.

And if you are inspired to sing with me, I believe we can co-create Heaven on Earth together,

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Bright blessings to you,

and thanks for being you!

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