1. I Am You

From the recording I Am You

I received a Commended Entry certificate with a score of 6 out of 10 in the UK Songwriting Contest 2012.  This score means that it was almost a semi finalist.  A score of 7 is for semi finalists. 
I am very proud that I continue to submit my music to this world-renowned contest.  Music producers of some of my favorite artists (Sting, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Paul McCartney, etc.) are judges in this contest!


I Am You © 2004 Bridget Wolf I am you, you are me We are One through eternity And this love that we share Heals me I am you, you are me And we share all that’s meant to be And this love in my heart Will free me There are many times in this life that I go into the darkness There are many times in this life when I feel lost And in that darkness, in that deep, deep, dark pain I yearn to feel whole and loved Sometimes the darkness overtakes me And I really don’t know where to turn In those moments, something occurs If I open up and let spirit nurture me And sometimes, something special happens As I’m battling my demons like fear and self-doubt A little kernel of lovelight comes through And I start to sing a new song And one night in my darkness The loving energy of Jim Dancing Crow Shepard His loving energy came through and shared with me Once again So this is to love It’s a song about life About wrestling with demons And discovering the love underneath it all And the healing power that guides us Even when we are blind to it So in the spirit of lovingkindness In the spirit of healing our planet In the spirit of waking up to all we can be I share my songs with you That we may heal That we may feel And grow strong in our love I am you, you are me Please teach us to be free To feel the loving spirit Within us I am You, You are Me And I pray for release From these demons That stalk and haunt me I am You, You are Me Please teach me to feel Underneath the surface of my being To that still small voice within I am You, You are Me Please teach me what it means To love myself It starts there, doesn’t it? I am You, You are Me We are One, help me to see it now In my darkness, I can feel so separate And all alone I am you, You are Me We can make A new life… I know it! I am You, You are Me We are One, help us see it now That this love in our bodies Is Sacred I am You, You are Me We are One, can’t we see That the light that shines through us Is Sacred Entered in UK Contest 2011, 10:39 minutes, 9.8 MB, Open Category