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Song of the Rising Sun

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Background story:
This is an instrumental song that came to me soon after I returned to New York City, where I was living at the time, following an intense Sacred Earth Network retreat weekend in upstate New York in Autumn 1992.

One morning I woke up at dawn and experienced a strange sensation, something that I had never felt before. I felt a movement of energy from my solar plexus, upwards. It was as if I felt the sun energy rising inside me.

I immediately went to my piano, turned on the cassette recorder, and began composing. When I went back to check the cassette recorder, I found out to my frustration that it had not recorded my composition. I panicked and put the unit in record mode once again and prayed that the composition would still be there. It was!!

I am deeply moved by this song and how it came to me.

This keyboard instrumental solo has been used numerous times as background music for a Cable TV program "BARK for Mt. Hood" in Portland, Oregon, thanks to the interest of Jim Lockhart.