Wow, talk about a challenging year, right?!

As I become more aware of my brains way of processing information as a highly sensitive person, with post traumatic stress going back to early childhood, and as I work with this crazy opportunity for sheltering at home to continue to release energetic patterns from past lives where I was killed for being a healer, with many gifts, and recently have needed to process so much deep grief as my friends lost homes and business on September 8th in the wildfires that destroyed 50% of my home town and 65% of the neighboring town in one night!  

OMG!  And we have hazardous air conditions still in this early part of October.  Enough already!  

Oh, my goodness.  I'll be honest, I have wanted to give up.  "Beam me up, Scottie!" I have said that several times.  Out loud!!

But I guess it's not my time to go, yet...

Seriously.  How about you?  What is keeping you going?  How are you managing?

It feels like there are so many obstacles to living our dreams.  

Many of my challenges are deep inside.  In my bones and tissues and energy fields.

So I have been studying.  How to move energy more effectively.  How to use tuning forks.  How to use my voice for healing myself. 

And I'm busy with new clients.  I'm leading clients through a series of intuitive healing sessions where they unblock, release and empower themselves with their own unique gifts.

Could this be something you are looking for?

And I'm creating new music.  This week I created a funky tune.  No words yet.  Just a great rhythm with building patterns that help me move stuck energy.  Like fear.  Who doesn't have fear?!  OMG!  

My songs come to me to help me get through tough times.  

Can you relate to the content of some of my songs?

Songs come to me and help me heal my heart after an upset, and the words and the music uplift, encourage and empower me to keep on taking another step forward.

I share them and hope that you can feel supported in your life's journey too.  

They are not for me to keep to myself.

Sometimes I don't want to be this visible.

Does any of this make sense?

Another secret, I feel better when I eat smoothies made with fruit and leafy greens, and for about 14 years raw, living foods have helped me heal and feel better!


If you are curious, please also visit my other website at

There are some YouTube videos thanks to my pals at CD Baby!  

Top Tracks are at


As a singer, songwriter, pianist, I often go deep and write songs straight from my heart, and improvise piano music -- it's like a magic trick.  Where do these songs come from?

I'm delighted to share my music with you.

May you find some music here that encourages and uplifts you.

Bright blessings to you, and thanks for being you!

Cheers to an amazing 2020 with abundant blessings to all - 


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