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Bridget Wolf: Home

Bridget plays keyboard

I am excited you found me here !    

I'm preparing to upgrade my website in 2019, so there will be a whole new look, and some new, relaxing, heartfelt and encouraging music as well as some surprises to be shared soon! 

I moved to the countryside in 2018, and still have some boxes to unpack.

I look forward to getting back to creating some new music and sharing my new music with you soon !

I am busy scheduling performances at retirement, assisted living centers and other places that welcome my enthusiasm and joy of life.  I love wearing hats and fascinators (a la 1920s) and enjoy performing music from the 1920s to 1960s, Broadway show tunes, patriotic and seasonal favorites.  

Please email me if interested in scheduling me or for more information. 

I am grateful to be the new Minister of Music at Christ Unity Church of Medford.   

Please also visit my other website at

And I have a lot of YouTube videos thanks to my pals at CD Baby!   Top Tracks are at


As a singer, songwriter, pianist, I specialize in heart songs and soothing piano music.

For over 33 years I have been writing songs that are described as healing, uplifting, encouraging, and empowering.

I share them with hope that you can feel supported in your life's journey.

Many people have been assisted in overcoming obstacles and transforming their lives by connecting with the healing power of music.


I now have six albums of music available through CD Baby--my amazing publishing administrators--who are working tirelessly to assist me with my DREAM of sharing my healing music with our world!!!

     1. Earth Song: In Beauty (my first solo album)

      2. Love Transforms (a team of brilliant musicians assisted me on this album)

       3. Tender Hearts (all keyboard instrumentals featuring new Italian grand piano sound)

        4. Red, White & Blue (all piano keyboard solos of patriotic music)

         5. Worlds Within (instrumental solos using synthesizer)

          6. Roses & Thorns (mostly improvised piano keyboard solos using Italian grand piano sound)


I have another website for my music with some longer excerpts of new improvisations on Roses & Thorns album which I invite you listen to at


My passion for the piano and deep love of singing has nourished me for decades.

I'm delighted to share music from my heart with you.

May you find something at my web site that encourages and uplifts you.

Bright blessings to you, and thanks for being you,