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Bridget Wolf: Guestbook

Martha Casanova

November 24, 2015

Totally amazed and pleased to see all your sccessful events! You have so much talent!

God bless you!



February 19, 2014

Your music is still a blessing to me. I have been following your success all these years. Congratulations. Hope all is well.

Mary Pat Brennan

January 30, 2014

Really lovely, Bridget....there is such power and clarity in your voice and in your music. I really enjoyed listening to your clips...your heart shines through.

Mary Pat

Matthew H. Bunker

June 2, 2013

I recently heard the awe-inspiring song, "The Traveler's Song" at a PowWow here at the SORCC in White City. How may I obtain the lyrics to that beautiful tune so that I may be able to sing it when I play my hammered dulcimer?

Joye Maye "Grace" Howell, Veteran/ US Army/ SSG 1981-1991

May 22, 2013

Ms. Wolf, I am a female veteran suffering from MST/PTSD (Military Sexual Trama). Thank you for your song Learning Again. I am trying but it is hard. My heart is heavy, you have touched me deeply. Grace :-)


October 21, 2012

Hi, Bridget. Thank you for blessing our drum circle again with your beautiful voice and messages. It was wonderful spending time and sharing the energy with you and Tim. I look forward to our next time.

Many blessings to you both.

susan agalzoff

March 10, 2012

hello! i was sent your link by donna. i am abbys new mommy. i love the song that you wrote for her. it is truely beautiful.

john morton

December 25, 2011

just listened to our niece - Sarah Summers and her new CD that you published - all very nice.

Thomas Avery

October 25, 2011

Love your sounds, my favorite Cosmic New Beginnings, as well as your singing voice. You are an uplifting spirit. Thank you for sharing a few dances with me at the Saturday Market. Sorry I missed your performance. I look forward to seeing you perform the next time you're up this way.
Peace to the Planet and may you Be Well

Carol Krase

October 12, 2011

Hi Bridget: I liked Mysteri song {C}You are doing great. Very proud of you.
Aunt Carol
Keep up the great work. Aunt Carol

Trudy Thomas

July 24, 2011

You have a beautiful voice. Very uplifting songs!

Vanessa Houk

February 24, 2011

I'm so glad that I followed your email and listened to your beautiful new song! Thank you!

Helen Brown

July 16, 2010


I loved both of your new songs! I'm always so thrilled when I think of how much talent that we have at the Center.

Your songs really hit the spot for me and what I've been going thru the last few months. It's amazing how the Universe can pull you back when you don't listen to your Soul!

Joe Ross

June 26, 2010

Bridget, it was so nice to see you again ... and your music is as lovely as ever. Thanks for your wonderful afternoon set at the Umpqua Valley Art Festival on 25 Jun. Regards, Joe

Wayne Sanelli

April 16, 2010

Bridget you're one heck of a talent and congratulations on your America's Got Talent audition as well as the UKSC (United Kingdom Songwriting Contest) results.
Your songs speak volumes and you've got some intriging melodies and musical scores in the works. Keep going and don't stop. You're like a woman batoveen creating music note by note that means everything to many people. Bless You.

Wayne Sanelli

marcy reif

March 11, 2010

Excellent! Keep up the incredible work you do.

Leonor Horden

December 27, 2009

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your music with all of us. I loved the CD for your mother, Bobbi. It touched my heart as I thought of one day losing my own mother.
Keep singin' sweetie...
your friend, Leonor

Carol Krase

December 6, 2009

Way to go Loved the Brain song and even did sing with it as listened. It was soooo uplifting. Just so proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the great work. This is a little late in sending as my computer is not working the best these days and just listened today. Was so pleased your music is now on a radio station. My very best to you
Aunt Carol

Carol Krase

December 6, 2009

Love your music. Listened to the TV, Video and it was so fun hearing the Brain song & yes as I was listening I even sang with it. You are just doing so great and am so proud of you. Much Love,
Aunt Carol

Joan Markytan

November 29, 2009

Loved the song!!!! Good job and hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Keep the songs acoming!!!!

June Davies

November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Bridget!
Thank you for sharing your gift of song via your great website. Thank you for keeping in touch.
Love, light and ((hugs))

Nancy Rasmussen

November 18, 2009

Oh My Goodness, I love the song you sang at Unity Church - "Without A Brain". It made me laugh but it also makes us think about our lives and what is important. Obviously, our brain isn't!!! Love you.

Lillian Love

October 30, 2009

Love this site! It looks great and is simple to use. Nice way to keep up with all you are doing during these exciting times.
love and light Lillian

Diane W

October 26, 2009

Go girl!! Blessings and light in all your endevours, good for you!! You deserve the best..

Mary Hall UKSC pop category WINNER 2009

October 24, 2009

Congratulations on your UKSC results....your track "I'll Never Forget You" deserves real success....along with the title it is one of the most moving instrumentals that I have ever heard! good luck to you Bridget! best wishes Mary X

Frank & Rebecca Clemente

September 11, 2009

Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishments! It's wonderful to see your Mom's talent and creativity living through you! Our best wishes for continued success.

Nancy Rasmussen

August 8, 2009

Bridget, You have done a great job with your website! The music is awesome and I wish you the very best in ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS.
Love you, Aunt Nancy

Tawnya Miller

August 7, 2009

Hi Bridget,
I have been thinking about you and ran across one of your posters in my office the other day. I was wondering what you have been up to. I miss running into you every so often. So I was very happy to find your announcement on my email! Thank you. I most definately want your new CD. Is there someplace locally I can pick it up? Not very good at ordering things online.
peace and happiness to you

Kandie Kato

July 15, 2009

U go girl!

MAx Fabry

June 14, 2009

Beautiful site, Bridgett. I am so proud of the work that you have been doing. I look forward to hearing you in person in Eugene in August.....Be Well, MAx

Andria aka Stardancer

May 10, 2009

Bridget:It was a honor to meet you in Mt Shasta and to 'feel' your loving heart energy being put out into the universe.I loved sharing your presense.
Thank you so much for your 'gift'/song of 'Creating Heaven'. I listened to it on my return home & felt 'home'.
I most often resonate with music from the 1800' I 'loved hearing the familiarity in your music..WOW!
I shall be sharing your message and music with many.

Carol Krase

April 5, 2009

Listened to all the songs have not heard before, all I can say is outstanding. So much feeling, and such wonderfull talent. My best to you.
Much Love,
Aunt Carol

laura Lee Leonard

September 30, 2008

hello beautiful!!!

I am looking forward to the next time we lift our joyful voices and sing praises -- smooth and together!!

humbly melting,
laura lee

grady houser

September 7, 2008

hi bridget, janice and rob and i (and mark) are browsing here and enjoying your website... i didn't know about the voice counseling/lecture thing... good stuff. nice again to meet you.

Linda Fuller

August 19, 2008

It was very cool hearing from you. I love your website. You are always such an inspiration and a blessing to me. I think of you often and hope I'll be to see you again sometime in the near future. Keep being you!

Bonnie Robinson

August 16, 2008

Greetings Bridget, where are you living now? I heard you had moved away from Roseburg, but not where. Have missed seeing you dancing at the Summer Concerts on the Half Shell. I've been perusing your website and am impressed. I especially like how user friendly it is. Kudos to it's developer. I noted that you're pretty solidly booked at the Unity Church for the next few months, have you perchance moved back into the area? Blessed Be, Bonnie Robinson.

Hugh Bodey

August 16, 2008

Hi Bridget, I've been missing you at the monthly meetings in Roseburg. You leave a big "absence hole" when you are not present.
Some people it is barely noticeable, but others, like yourself, makes a big difference in the occasion - thought you should know this! However, even more important is the fact that you are doing what you love with great spirit and, I'm sure, with equal blessings. It's a blessing to me to know this. With great personal love for you, I am looking forward to our next meeting.


Carol Krase

August 8, 2008

Love your website, your music is great one of my favorites is Aazing Grace & I see Love Divine, Deep Peace. Keep up the great work. The picture of the Wolf behind you is super. You have unlimited talent, what else can I say.

Lily Love

August 7, 2008

Wow! I love this site and you have grown immensely. I'm so proud of you. I miss you. I have wonderful memories of the times we have shared. You have been on my mind this week. I finally had time to sit at the computer to touch base. I'm doing very well and planning on going back to schook in the fall. I'm learning digital imaging/prepress. It's a one year certificate. I hope to go on and complete a graphic arts degree. LBCC has a reknown graphics department. One day at a time. no worries. I am living and caregiving with my best friend of 16 years in Philomath. I would love to get together with you and catch up. We both have lots to share it's been to long. joyful journey's love Lillian (Lily)

Mark J. Moerman

August 6, 2008

Dear Bridget,
I am the Music Director at the Abundant Life Center in Vancouver, Washington, and I believe you were recently in touch with Joyce Colson, a member of our board. We would love to have you come and play for us at one of our Sunday services. I have heard your CD and like it a great deal. I can't find a way to write directly to you anywhere on the website, but please contact me and let's see if we can work this out. We're a small church and can't offer a lot, but we do offer a modest honorarium for our guest musicians. Do you ever come up to the Portland area? I would love to hear from you.