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Bridget Wolf: Bio

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Ordained in 2008, Bridget serves diverse spiritual communities with her interfaith ministry and heart filled with love. She sings songs in many languages from many faith traditions at her concerts for peace. Her expanded view of spirituality has led to adventures into earth-centered traditions, Native American ceremonial traditions, indigenous as well as traditional religions of the world. Bridget is a frequent guest minister at churches that welcome her expanded spiritual heart and vision.

Talk titles and special services include:

Awakening to the Deep Within: A Transformational Journey

Celtic and Native American Shamanism

many Earth Day services including:
A personal story of change and commitment towards a sustainable

The Healing Power of Song

several Midwinter Candelmas services

several Music and Spirituality services including:
An Interfaith Exploration

Opening to Divine Oneness: Celebrating Mystical Experiences

Summer Solstice: A Musical Celebration

many Winter Solstice services